10 Interesting Facts About Medical Assistants

Most people aren’t sure of what a medical assistant’s role entails and it isn’t surprising to hear people say that these professionals carry out various admin tasks or change bedpans in a clinical or hospital setting. However, the fact is that medical assistants do far more than that.

Some Facts

We at The Healthcare Institute have put together a list of 10 interesting facts about medical assistants that will give you some more clarity about what these professionals do:

  1. Medical assisting is a career in itself and not just a stepping stone to other medical roles. It isn’t uncommon for many medical assistants to continue to be in this field for their entire lives, because they truly love this work.
  2. There are a number of different career tracks in medical assisting. It’s also why we offer various types of Medical Assistant Training, such as Dialysis-Phlebotomy Technician Training, Pharmacy Tech Training, Certified Nurse’s Aide Training, Medication Aide Training and more.
  3. Medical Assistants don’t fall under the Nursing Practice Act. They all work under MD jurisdiction. It means they can perform all duties that their practice or physician has trained them to complete in a competent manner such as running ECG’s, taking out stitches, collecting blood and more.
  4. Medical assistants are the ones that actually run the office. They are the conduit between the front office of the practice, and its back office. In some settings, medical assistants are the ones that run the practice’s front office, as well as scheduling things like patient care.
  5. Since there are constant changes in the field, a medical assistant’s job always requires upgrading knowledge and adaptation, depending on the setting they move to.
  6. As mentioned at the outset, a medical assistant doesn’t do bedpans & diapers. They aren’t really trained to provide long-term patient care and rarely have to clean or bathe the patient.
  7. Some of these professionals do enter the field primarily because they need a job. However, a large percentage of them also choose his career because they feel it can help them change lives. But this profession requires a significant amount of compassion and nurturing, which can make it quite meaningful for people who opt for it.
  8. From an HR perspective, doctors, as well as medical assistants, are considered to be equal employees of the practice. Just like medical doctors, medical assistants are also healthcare professionals. This means they contribute to the business of providing patient care.
  9. Doctors rely on the information provided by the medical assistants at the practice. These professionals are responsible for preparing the patient for their treatment and also check the latter’s vital signs etc. The work that a medical assistant does, is crucial for the doctor to be able to start on their work.
  10. A medical assistant’s job duties can include analyzing data such as medical charts and records, along with insurance and billing. Most of these professionals are tech savvy and are able to use all the technological tools used in medical settings.

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