Explore a Career as a Medical Assistant

Medical assistants are an indispensable part of the modern healthcare machine, taking on a fusion of administrative and clinical responsibilities. If you’re looking for a fulfilling career in medicine without the time and expense of medical school, the path of a medical assistant might be the exactly what you’re looking for.

  1. Discover the Fast Track to Success

Most medical assistant programs typically take less than a year and will consist of some combination of class hours and experiential hours in a real-life medical setting. From there you will be immediately qualified to work in a variety of contexts ranging from public and private clinics to a larger hospital-based setting.

  1. Enjoy Secure, High-Demand Employment

The medical industry never goes out of demand. Neither, therefore, can its administrative staff, making this growing industry economically buoyant. Layoffs are rare and retention rates are fantastic. With the percentage of Americans involved in the healthcare system increasing exponentially, your role as a medical assistant will only grow in value. Should you ever decide to relocate, you can be sure that your new city will have a hefty demand for medical assistants as well.

  1. Spend Your Days Helping Others

Do you seek validation in your work? Many people dream of playing a part in the medical system but never begin that journey because somewhere along the line they were told that it would be too hard or too expensive. As a medical assistant, you complete the big picture of patient care, logistically and clerically supporting the medical team. You may also perform hands-on duties such as drawing blood or processing lab tests. Beyond that, however, you are also one of the faces that the patients see and interact with every day. By playing a multifaceted role in the treatment process, you will go home every night with the satisfaction that you’ve made a difference in the lives of others.

  1. Become a Licensed Medical Professional

One of your certification requirements will be to achieve a passing score on the certified medical assistant exam (AAMA). Completing a medical assistant program and spending hours in the field will also prepare you to succeed in additional certification exams, should you decide to expand your credentials.

  1. Make an Investment in Your Future

Through this valuable experience, you will be exposed to many unique facets of the healthcare system. You may choose to make your role as a medical assistant a permanent career. Even without returning to school, you will also be eligible to cross over into medical or clinical management. Conversely, you may use it as a springboard to a different arena. Perhaps you will move into practitioner role or further into the business side of things with a career in medical coding or medical writing.

If you are a person who likes helping people, working alongside others, and want to find an exciting reliable way to make a positive impact, consider pursuing a career as a medical assistant. You may be thanking yourself before you know it!

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