Monitor Tech

The EKG/ECG Interpretation program is designed for those who wantecg22 to master the skill of EKG/ECG recognition. This program focuses on the essential information needed to know to interpret EKGs/ECGs and understand their significance. Each student will be able to recognize possible patient signs and symptoms related to the rhythm and, where appropriate, current recommended treatments for the rhythm are learned. Graduates of this program may find employment with hospitals, medical offices, critical care settings and more. At the end of the 32 clock hour course each passing student will be given a certificate of completion.

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  • “I am so proud of myself. I was one out of three that passed my skills test on my first try and it’s all because of my teachers at The Healthcare Institute.

    I feel that the way I was taught is really going to make a difference in the world.”

    Angelica Vargas
  • “Mr. Bill Moyer was my instructor, and I learned a lot from him.  I discovered the correct way to do things.  The clinical information is important, but you also learn to put the patient first.  Mr. Moyer was very kind, but also demanded that we do things the right way.  It was difficult, but the reward was a CNA certification and a position with St. Luke’s Baptist Hospital a month after graduation. Not everyone graduates, but those that do leave with a marketable skill. Because of Mr. Moyer and the staff, my life was changed.  It has been truly a blessing to be a part of their success.”
    Kareen Aaron
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