In tough job market, unemployed find hope in pharmacy tech profession

The average unemployed person in America has been without a job for more than nine months, making it the longest average unemployment average since 1948, which is the year the United States Labor Department first started keeping track.


In a New York Times article last year, Catherine Rampell said the long average of unemployment is a problem because, as time goes on, an unemployed person finds it harder to gain employment.


“The longer a person is unemployed, the less employable he or she becomes because of factors like stigma and skill deterioration,” Rampell wrote. “That means that the longer it takes to get Americans back to work, the further behind they will fall.”


If you are one of those Americans who has been out of work for several months and feeling like your chance at finding employment is slim then it may be time to consider a career as a pharmacy technician, which is one of the most in demand jobs in America. Growth in the health care industry, specifically in pharmecuticals, has created thousands of vacancies for pharmacy techs. However, employers are looking for those with the necessary training and at The Healthcare Institute students of the pharmacy technician training program are graduating with the necessary skills to fill these vacant positions.


“These long-term unemployed are disproportionately composed of older workers — who, compared to younger workers, are less likely to lose their jobs, but more likely to have trouble finding re-employment if they are laid off,” Rampell wrote in the Times. “Given how far behind these workers have already fallen, it may turn out that many of these Americans will never work again.”


There are many pharmacy technician schools and training programs to choose from, but if you are serious about building a long-term career and being sought after by employers, then the type of training you will receive at The Healthcare Institute is what you should be looking for.

The best pharmacy technician training program are led by instructors that have experience in the industry and job placement specialists who can help you transition quickly from the classroom to a stable career.

Pharmacy technicians are in high demand and can work in a variety of settings. Some of those settings include retail pharmacies, grocery stores, department stores, mass retailers, hospitals, mail-order and internet pharmacies, clinics, pharmaceutical wholesalers, and government offices. However, the best employers are looking for pharmacy technicians that they know have received the best professional training, which is why graduates of the The Healthcare Institute are highly sought after by employers.

You also want to find a school and training program that will provide you with the specific training you need to obtain your license. The Healthcare Institute provides that type of training because it is near impossible to find a job as a pharmacy technician without a license.

The pharmacy technician training program at The Healthcare Institute provides quality instruction but does not take years to complete. Within months a student is able to complete the necessary training and be well on their way to securing their dream job. The number one goal of attending any school is to eventually find the best job you can, and The Healthcare Institute’s high job placement rate is yet another feature that sets it apart from other training programs and pharmacy technician schools.

In the same way you want to weigh your options when choosing a school you also want to consider your options when choosing a new career field. That is another reason why the pharmacy technician industry is such an attractive one for job seekers. Those looking for a profession that offers good pay, a great work environment, a variety of tasks and future growth are able to meet all those desires in the pharmacy technician field.

When choosing a new career it’s hard to beat the job of a pharmacy technician and when picking the right school it’s hard to beat The Healthcare Institute’s pharmacy technician training program.


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