Medication misuse is a problem

A 2013 patient survey called Medication Adherence in America: A National Report Card found that many Americans misuse prescribed medication.

Americans 40 and older with a chronic medical condition earned a C+ on average and one in seven members of this group received an F when it comes to taking their medications correctly, a press release discussing the survey reported. The survey found that in the past 12 months many patients in this group failed to fill a prescription, neglected to have a prescription refilled, missed a dose, took a lower dose than prescribed, took a higher dose than prescribed, stopped a prescription early, took an old medication for a new problem without consulting a doctor, took someone else’s medicine or forgot whether they’d taken a medication.

“The academic year has drawn to a close for most students, but when it comes to taking their prescription drugs, it’s many of the parents who may require summer school,” said National Community Pharmacists Association CEO B. Douglas Hoey, RPh, MBA. “Proper prescription drug use can improve patient health outcomes and lower healthcare costs, so anything less than an A on medication adherence is concerning. Pharmacists can help patients and caregivers overcome barriers to effectively and consistently follow medication regimens. Indeed, independent community pharmacists in particular may be well-suited to boost patient adherence given their close connection with patients and their caregivers.”

The survey shows just how important it is for pharmacy technicians to communicate proper medication practices to their customers.

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