New guidelines affirmed in pharmacy patient care process

Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians play an important role in the healthcare field and their interaction with patients is very important.

Pharmacy techs help patients fill prescriptions and answer questions. Strong communication skills are important in this line of work, along with attention to detail.

Recently, new guidelines for pharmacist and patient interactions were established that also provide guidelines for pharmacy techs.

“Members of the Joint Commission of Pharmacy Practitioners (JCPP) approved, on May 29, 2014, a new resource document that describes the pharmacists’patient care process,” an American Pharmacists Association press release reported. “Development of the document occurred over a two-year period and included an examination of key pharmacy source documents and several organizational comment periods to reach consensus. A working group of representatives from 10 national pharmacy organizations developed the document for consideration and approval by JCPP.”

The new guidelines reiterate a pharmacist or pharmacy techs role in the patient-centered care process.

“Implementing and promoting a scalable, viable and consistent pharmacists’ patient care process is a major goal in the JCPP strategic plan and is recognized as a key driver in achieving the JCPP vision that ‘Patients will achieve optimal health and medication outcomes when pharmacists are included as essential and accountable members of patient-centered healthcare teams,’” the APA added. “The document promotes the need for a consistent process of care in the delivery of a wide array of pharmacists’ patient care services in any practice setting.”

Apart of the guidelines, it was suggested that today’s pharmacy professions exhibit collaboration, communication and documentation, which are key components that are foundational to the pharmacists’ patient-centered care process.

“The care process is delivered using a 5-step approach that is described in the document,” the APA reports. “The document also advocates for interoperable information technology systems to facilitate efficient and effective communication among all individuals involved in patient care. JCPP will implement a communications plan to facilitate uptake of the patient care process. The document can be accessed at:”

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