New textbook released for pharmacy tech training

The pharmacy tech career field is in need of thousands of more applicants and offers the chance for long-term employment, advancement and good pay.

However, pharmacy employers are looking for applicants who have professional training from a quality pharmacy tech program, like the one at The Healthcare Institute.

In addition to training at a school like the Healthcare Institute, there are other ways for a pharmacy tech to expand on their knowledge in an effort to excel at their job and possibly advance.

“TheAmerican Pharmacists Association(APhA) today released the fourth edition ofComplete Math Review for the Pharmacy Technician,”the APhA announced last month.“The textbook covers every topic related to pharmacy calculations that a pharmacy technician needs to know.”

The textbook is no substitute for professional training, but it offers pharmacy techs additional resources for expanding their knowledge.

According to the APhA, the book also includes:

·     With more than 100 advance practice questions new to the fourth edition, the book contains 850 exercises spread throughout its 13 chapters, with answer key/solutions in the back. Filled with real-world practice problems and amusing illustrations, the book is a unique training resource, whether for the classroom, the national Pharmacy Technician Certification Examination, or the pharmacy practice setting.

·     Other features of this popular book are an Advanced Practice section at the end of each chapter, and a chapter titled “Medication Errors and Clinical Challenges,” which tests readers’ ability to recognize medication calculation errors sometimes made by nurses, pharmacists, and physicians. The book concludes with a 101-question post-test, each question being a real-world problem a technician might encounter in pharmacy practice.

The basic duties of a pharmacy technician include screening prescription orders for accuracy, sorting medication by counting, measuring and weighing, understanding state laws related to the prescription drug industry and contacting insurance providers to find out details on a customer’s policy.

Pharmacy technicians also work in a variety of work settings, ranging from hospitals to corner drugstores. However, most work environments for a pharmacy technician are organized and clean, meaning most employers are looking for pharmacy technicians that understand the importance of staying organized.

Pharmacy technicians can also work a variety of shifts and schedules, including nights, weekends, holidays and normal business hours. This is one reason the profession of a pharmacy technician can be appealing to those that want to maintain a normal 9 to 5 work day, or those that need flexibility in their schedule.

Like any job, those new to the profession begin with an entry-level salary. However, the average starting salary for pharmacy technicians is higher than the national average and there is also a lot of potential to increase one’s and advance.

There are many reasons to consider a career as a pharmacy technician and if this is the high-demand profession you decided to enter then starting with The Healthcare Institute’s pharmacy technician training program is the best first step.

Pharmacy technicians are in high demand and can work in a variety of settings. Some of those settings include retail pharmacies, grocery stores, department stores, mass retailers, hospitals, mail-order and internet pharmacies, clinics, pharmaceutical wholesalers, and government offices. However, the best employers are looking for pharmacy technicians that they know have received the best professional training, which is why graduates of the The Healthcare Institute are highly sought after by employers.

You also want to find a school and training program that will provide you with the specific training you need to obtain your license. The Healthcare Institute provides that type of training because it is near impossible to find a job as a pharmacy technician without a license.

The pharmacy technician training program at The Healthcare Institute provides quality instruction but does not take years to complete. Within months a student is able to complete the necessary training and be well on their way to securing their dream job. The number one goal of attending any school is to eventually find the best job you can, and The Healthcare Institute’s high job placement rate is yet another feature that sets it apart from other training programs and pharmacy technician schools.

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