Report shows medical job growth, but not enough workers

It’s hard to imagine some industries having trouble hiring enough workers when unemployment remains relatively high, but that’s the case for many positions in the health care industry.

A 2013 report has highlighted the growing demand for healthcare jobs – including medical assistants and medical office professionals – as more Americans gain access to affordable care. However, the report also shows that there are not enough properly trained workers to take the available jobs, which means there is a great opportunity today for those with professional training from a school like the Health Care Institute that specializes in medical assistant training.

“A new report from the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies says a health care employment boom is on the horizon, riding in on the coattails of the embattled Affordable Care Act,”reports the Charlotte Post. “According to the report … the healthcare sector could add 4.6 million jobs over the next decade – a 31 percent increase in the industry.”

This report is good news for jobseekers looking for long-term work because the medical field can be a great place to find a stable job and often offers higher-than-average starting pay, according to the United States Department of Labor.

“Health care offers a high level of job security,”the Post adds. “Even without the [Affordable Care Act], the industry will continue to expand, as it has for decades. In fact, the industry was one of the few that continued to grow and hire during the Great Recession. With the graying of America, continued widespread chronic illness, and the ACA’s impact on hiring rates, the demand for healthcare professionals is poised to escalate.”

The Post also reports that “medical positions involving office and emergency visits are expected to flourish most,” and many office related medical careers include medical assistants. “By 2020, the report predicts an influx of 711,900 registered nurses alone. Nursing aides, medical administrators, pharmacy and some medical technicians (such as those who draw blood or operate x-ray machines, will also be in demand.”


However, while there are many positions available in the healthcare field, many employers are having a hard time finding workers with the necessary training and experience. There is currently a shortage of qualified applicants, which is one reason why many jobseekers are turning to Health Care Institute and its medical assistant training program.

“The number of jobs available does not necessarily equal the number of qualified individuals available to fill these positions,” the report says. “In order to ensure an adequate supply of new health workers, education and training programs will need to maintain their sizes and possibly need to grow.”

America’s population is growing and it is getting older; two trends that are leading to rapid growth in the medical industry and a growing demand for medical professionals of all types.

The average age of today’s American is getting older as the baby boomer generation ages. That is leading to a growing demand for medical treatment and healthcare facilities are responding to that growing demand by hiring more medical assistants who can serve a supportive role in both the clinical and administrative arms of a healthcare facility.


Working as a medical assistant offers jobseekers the chance to work in a growing industry that offers long-term stability. But professional training from a respected school like Health Care Institute is often a requirement for many employers looking to hire the best medical assistants who can hit the ground running.

America is also experiencing a growth in overall population, and along with changes to healthcare laws, more people are gaining access to medical care. This trend is also leading to a growing demand for medical assistants.

The healthcare industry has already been one of the nation’s fastest growing job sectors, but that growth is expected to remain as changes come the healthcare industry. Those changes are not only creating more patients, but they are creating new ways to providing care, charging for that care and organizing the medical records of those receiving care. That means healthcare employers are looking for medical assistants who have relevant training and can hit the ground running in today’s new world of medical coverage.


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