Trends in the medical assistant profession

Today’s medical assistants need to have good communication skills, an ability to multitask and relevant training in clinical and administrative duties that are most commonly found in a medical facility.

Working as a medical assistant can be a fulfilling career, and is a job that is in high demand. The growth of the medical industry is increasing the need for more professionally trained medical assistants and the growth isn’t expected to slow down anytime soon.

In a recent article published on, several trends were highlighted that are changing the healthcare industry, which will require new workers with new training.

Some of those trends include:

“We’re going to have both an increase in demand as well as stress on the system,” the article stated. As America get older that will increase the demand for medical services. The Baby Boomer generation is becoming senior citizens and that is driving more patients to hospitals and medical facilities. Medical care is better today that its ever been, which is good news for these new patients. Its also good news for medical assistants because this wave of elderly Americans is one of the reasons there is long-term job security in this profession.

The article also found that medical care is moving away from acute facilities to lower-cost, more efficient models. These lower-cost facilities have some of the biggest demand for medical assistants. Minute clinics, doctor’s offices and outpatient emergency centers have a huge need for medical assistants with training and experience in both the clinical and administrative roles of a medical facility. These type of low cost centers are popping up all over the nation, which is another reason the demand for medical assistants is growing.

Another finding by was that upstream and downstream consolidation and business model evolution is common in today’s medical field.

“When we looked at integrated delivery networks — whether its buying physician practices, buying the reference lab, buying the different aspects of home health agencies — across the country we’re seeing a lot of different models emerging,” the article reported. Medical facilities are looking to become more efficient and that means they are looking for medical assistants who can do it all. Students at The Healthcare Institutereceive holistic training in both the clinical and administrative skills required of today’s medical assistant. Employers want medical assistants who can file a chart, greet a patient, record vital signs and answer a phone within an hour. The required tasks of a medical assistant are diverse, which is why professional training from a school like The Healthcare Institute can go such a long what in helping you secure a top job in this growing industry.

An aging population is increasing the number of people in need of medical care and a push for efficiency, along with a growing demand for home based health providers, is changing the medical landscape. This should have a large impact on the work of medical assistants who will not only be in increasing demand as more Americans will need medical care, but these medical assistants will need training in the new processes and systems being used by healthcare facilities all across the country.

That growth in demand for medical care is creating demand for medical assistants who provide a valuable supportive role in many healthcare facilities across the country. The healthcare industry has already been one of the nation’s fastest growing job sectors, but that growth is expected to remain as changes come the healthcare industry. Those changes are not only creating more patients, but they are creating new ways to providing care, charging for that care and organizing the medical records of those receiving care. That means healthcare employers are looking for medical assistants who have relevant training and can hit the ground running in today’s new world of medical coverage.

If you have always had an interest in working in the medical field, then becoming a medical assistant could be the right fit for you and there has hardly been a better time to seek professional medical assistant training from a school like The Healthcare Institute than right now.

The Healthcare Institute’smedical assistant training program teaches students the ins and outs of the profession, including assisting with examinations, obtaining vital signs, performing office laboratory procedures and a variety of other tasks today’s healthcare employers require from medical assistants.

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