Medication Aide Training Program in San Antonio

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Students completing the Medication Aide Program may find entry-level employment as a Medication Aide in Long-Term Care (LTC) Facilities, Personal Care Facility, Correctional Institution or other related institutions. Graduates will be able to accomplish basic procedures established by the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services, for preparation, documentation and skills essential for safe administration of medications under the supervision of a licensed nurse in a clinical setting. Additionally, students will be able to define responsibilities and liabilities associated with the control, accountability, storage and safeguarding of medication. Students will learn to use common medical terminology, abbreviations and symbols. Additionally, they will be able to identify drugs, and discuss drug reactions and side effects of medications commonly administered to residents in LTC facilities. Furthermore, they will be able to use available reference materials to research drug information.

  • To obtain gainful employment in this field of study. This program is designed to assist the student in finding gainful employment in an entry-level position as a Medication Aide in a Long Term Care (LTC) Facility, Personal Care Facility, Correctional Facility or other related facility. Students will demonstrate job related skills to include interpersonal relations, communication skills, customer service skills as well as competency in administering medication to residence of their facilities.
  • MEDA 101 Introduction & Basic Concept of Medication Administration Lec Lab Ext Total
    20 00 00 20
    Within this unit the student will be presented with the advantages of becoming a certified medication aide and some of the many career opportunities available.  Introduction will be given for the necessary skills that must be developed and the general knowledge that must be acquired to function effectively will be presented.  Personality traits and professional appearance will be covered.   The student will be informed that whoever accepts this career must be willing to accept the responsibilities inherent in the industry standards.  Student will be introduced into the basic concepts such roles & responsibilities, History of drug use, reasons for giving drugs, problems with drug administration, legislation, involvement in drug therapy, use of resource references & pharmacodynamics. As well as drug forms and preparations, common medical terms, abbreviations, symbols, terminology and drug names, weights, measures & simple math and finally generic drug usage.
    Prerequisite: None
    MEDA 102 Administration of Medication & Affects on Body Systems Lec Lab Ext Total
    80 00 00 80
    Within this unit, the material covered, the student will be able to demonstrate how to store and medications and various supplies used for medication administration. Implement and document medication orders and communicate the orders as appropriated. Define potential causes of medication errors and roles and responsibilities of drug therapy. Demonstrate correct preparation of drugs for administration. Properly perform procedures and techniques for administering medications. Perform safe use, storage and administration of oxygen. Define responsibilities post medication administration.  Student will show proper use of the medical record.
    Prerequisite: MEDA 101
    MEDA 103 Return Skills Demonstration Lec Lab Ext Total
    00 20 00 20
    Students will put into practice everything learned and demonstrate full knowledge and skills needed to administer medications safely and communicate appropriately in a safe and secured setting prior to entering the clinical externship.
    Prerequisite: MEDA 102
    MEDA 104 Clinical Externship Lec Lab Ext Total
    00 00 12 12
    The student will be assigned to their practical site in order to experience the daily operations of a medication aide.  Students will demonstrate and productively utilize all competencies (resources, information, systems, technologies and interpersonal skill).  Students will apply entry level skills, problems solving & personal qualities for securing a gainful position as a medication aide.
    Prerequisite: MEDA 103
    MEDA 105 Final Return Skill Demonstration    Lec Lab Ext Total
    00 12 00 12
    Student will return to the lab setting for a final demonstration of all skills learned and put into practice at the clinical site. This is to ensure that the student understood and properly administered medications safely and communicated appropriately.
    Prerequisite: MEDA 104
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