Nurse Aide In-Service Education in San Antonio

24 service


The Certified Nurse Assistants, 24 Hour In-Service Course is approved by The Texas Department of Aging and Disability as 24 hours of in-service Continuing Education required to be completed every two years. The Course of study includes Geriatrics, Alzheimer’s and Dementia, Restorative Care and end of life. Students will have 6 months to complete the seminar.

NAIE 101 Caring for the Elderly Lec Lab Ext Total
0 06 00 06
Students will Identify social changes common in the older adulthood. Describe physical changes from aging and required care. Gains and losses related to long term care. How to interact with the elderly in changes in their physical, mental, psychosocial, faith and sexual person.
Prerequisite:  None
NAIE 102 Caring for persons with confusion and dementia
Students will Describe confusion and its causes. List measures that help confused persons. Explain differences between, delirium, depression and dementia. Describe Alzheimer’s disease and care needed. Explain validation therapy and promote quality of life.
Prerequisite:  None
NAIE 103 Rehabilitation of the Elderly and Confused
Students will describe how rehabilitation and restorative care involve the whole person. Describe complications to prevent due to inactivity and precautions during activity. Describe the role of rehabilitation and restorative care in the long term setting. List the positive effects of rehabilitation on the elderly.
Prerequisite:  None
NAIE 104 End of Life Care of the Elderly
Students will describe the factors that affect attitudes about death. List the five stages of dying and how to meet the needs of the dying person. Care of the elderly as death approaches and take into consideration the person as a whole, a physical, spiritual, social and mental being.
Prerequisite:  None
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