Nurse Aide Medical Surgical Training Seminar in San Antonio





This Course is designed augment the Certified Nurse Assistant training Program The additional skills and competencies acquired in this Program will increase the opportunities for employment in a Hospital setting.

MSS 101 Nurse Aide – Medical Surgical Training Seminar Lec Lab Ext Total
16 20 00 36
Student will perform “wet to dry ”dressing; to include patient assessment, preparation of equipment, implementation of the procedure, and evaluation of drainage amount, color, consistency and odor. (8 hours)Student will perform an accurate, artifact-free recording of the electrical activity of the heart; to include preparation of the patient, ensure proper performance of the machine, to obtain good electrode adhesion to the patient’s skin,  to connect lead wires to the correct electrodes, and to ensure proper recording of heart activity. (8 hours)Student will collect a venous blood sample using the syringe method; to include patient preparation, assembling the equipment, applying the tourniquet, needle positions, needle removal and storage of the specimen. (8hours)Student will perform a patient restraint without injury to patient or staff; to include: patient communication, patient comfort, applying the restraint, and patient movement. (8 hours)Student will take the final exam (4 hours)
Prerequisite:  None
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