Restorative Aide Seminar in San Antonio

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Course Description

Student will learn to assist Patients in improving and maintaining range of motion.

RNA 101 Restorative Aide Seminar Lec Lab Ext Total
16 08 0 24
This subject introduces students to care of a long term resident and facility.  Upon completion of this subject students will be able to: 1) Discuss the role of the Restorative Aide; 2) Recognize and prevent safety hazards and use safety measures;  3) List different disciplines or therapy;  4) Will learn skills in communication, dementia, special care needs, family dynamics, and stress management;  5) Introduction to restorative nursing, communications, psychosocial aspects of disability, anatomy, physiology and pathology of the long-term patient, specific care problems, and basic restorative;  6) Use restorative approach in all aspects of care;  7) Promote optimal physical and psychosocial wellness;  8) How to explain procedures and perform them;  9) Encourage residents;  10)  Assist residents to function independently;  11) Monitor residents progress;  12) Assist with restorative programs;  13) Assist with adaptive and assistive devices;  14) Use of prosthetic devices;  15) Maintaining range of motion.Upon completion of this subject students will also be able perform personal skills: 1) perform body mechanics, positioning, and moving residents and describe the purpose;  2) Discuss the care of the resident’s environment surroundings; 3) Assisting residents with transfer, ambulation, exercise, strengthening, independence and more.


In the final stage of the program the student will put into practice everything taught in lecture and in the lab setting prior to the start of clinical practice.  Side by side with employed staff. 1)  Interpersonal skills with peers in the health field; 2) Direct care and communication with residents; 3) How to work under direction and independently; 4) How to take and follow a restorative program; 5) Document the progress in the record sheet.

Prerequisite: Certified Nurse’s Assistant Certification or Certificate of Completion from an approved Nurse Aide Program


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