CNA Student Kareen Aaron

Kareen_2014In 2012, I was a nurse aide at a local assisted and independent living facility. I loved my interaction with the residents, but training didn’t exist and there was little professionalism with the staff.

One day that Summer, my husband brought me to your school. I hadn’t expected him to do this! I was hesitant at first about taking the CNA course. It was intimidating. I was also a recent immigrant from the Philippines, so it was difficult at first adjusting to the culture and people here in US! But, after some encouragement from my husband, we signed up for the CNA course.

Mr. Bill Moyer was my instructor, and I learned a lot from him. I discovered the correct way to do things. The clinical information is important, but you also learn to put the patient first. Mr. Moyer was very kind, but also demanded that we do things the right way. It was difficult, but the reward was a CNA certification and a position with St. Luke’s Baptist Hospital a month after graduation. Not everyone graduates, but those that do leave with a marketable skill.

Because of Mr. Moyer and the staff, my life was changed. It has been truly a blessing to be a part of their success.
-Kareen Aaron

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